Recent challenges to the education system – and your child’s learning – have lead to many students having gaps in their learning, and for others, heightened anxiety as they move into Key Stage 4 and start their GCSEs:

  • The long-lasting effects of Covid lockdowns.
  • Continued uncertainty about exams processes.

At ASEducate, we are proud to have crafted TALA: our teaching methodology built from the ground-up using the approaches that work best, to ensure that no child is left behind due to any circumstsances that may affect them.

At ASEducate, our subscription based online courses provide a low cost alternative to the high-cost option of a private tutor: why pay £20+ an hour for tuition, when all of our GCSE English courses are available for £9.99 a month?

Learning is changing. At ASEducate, we hearld the rising of a new sun: powerful, always accessible and always helping students to meet their considerable potential.